Starsze mioty

Miot DD 2020-07-08 FLY UP THE RIVER Arlet Star § DREAM Cotoneaster
Miot CC 2020-04-01 DAISY Cotoneaster & GERONIMO Forest and River
Miot BB 2020-02-11 Bri Bri Forest and River & Dream Cotoneaster
MIOT AA 2019-04-20 Daisy Cotoneaster & Geronimo Forest and River
Miot Z 2018-09-09 Bri Bri i Dream "Drops"
Miot W 2018-06-01 Daisy i Geronimo
Miot V 2018-02-26 Joka i Dream
Miot U 2018-02-25 Aira i Supermario
Miot T 2017-06-13 Bri Bri i Dream "Drops"
Miot S 2016-06-13 CBR Aira i Supermario
Miot R 2017-06-12 Daisy "Draka" i Ligustr "Alik"
Miot P 2017-03-25 CBR Vei i Supermario
Miot O 2017-03-21 Joka i Dream
Miot N 2017-03-05 Ansari & Ligustr
Miot M 2016-10-09 Bri Bri & Dream
Miot L 2016-04-14 Joka i Cyprys
Miot K 2016-02-06 CBR Aira i Supermario
Miot J 2016-02-05 Ansari i Ligustr
Miot H 2015-02-24 Ansari i Ligustr
Miot I 2015-04-06 CBR Vei i Supermario
Miot G 2015-02-21 Joka i Perry
Miot F 2014-03-08 Luna i Cyprys
Miot C 2013-02-22 Ansari & Martin
Miot B 2013-02-03 Joka & Cyprys
Miot E 2014-02-28 Ansari i Ligustr
Miot D 2014-02-22 Joka & Cyprys
Miot A 2011-02-25 Joka & Cyprys